Friday, October 23, 2009

◆32oz ink bottle◆

speedball super black india ink!
the black waterproof ink i use for all the ink paintings
very rich, not so much smudging, it's very nice ink
i just got 32oz bottle, the biggest size for speedball ink
this black ink is sooo rich
i can paint A LOT with few drops only! :D
by the time i finish this baby, i'll be different artist from now

i just wonder how long it'll take... lol

◆head painting workshop last sunday◆

 there was a head painting workshop last sunday (10/17/09)
organized by kirk shinmoto and i was honored to be a model
it was my first time posing for painting;)
so it was very interesting to see how my face turn out on the canvas
wow, i have to say, i had hard time try not to fall asleep lol *_*~
starring at one point for 20min is not a easy thing! :P

for more information about the ws,
here's the official blog for the workshop, the kirkshop!
come and paint! :)

◆ more photos...

i took this one with my iphone so resolution's lot lower than the other pictures :(
it's me with all the finished paintings!
yay~ :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

◆monsters, 도깨비, 鬼◆

digital file of the monster heads i did for printmaking class
first, i started to draw whole bunch of head drawings on the plain computer papers,
then i shrunk it down to put 9 heads total on one page
the actual silkscreen prints' color's are a bit different from this ps file
but i was happier how it turned out on the paper :) yay
since i have whole bunch of drawings left,
i'm actually thinking about doing some more

Saturday, October 17, 2009

◆organizing my drawings..◆

when i was preparing for open market, i went through some of
my drawings and put them in the folder...
since i'm not really a sketchbook person, i mostly draw on
computer papers-- it's so easy to draw on and i don't have to worry about
every pages of my sketchbook has to be awesome lol
well, but i do know i should start make sketchbook ;P
one thing that i noticed was i have a lot doodles
i should start post them on the blog...

◆silkscreen prints i did◆

these are the silkscreen i did last term at art center
and same prints i did and sold at open market
first print is talking building with quotation mark on the right
i actually made that work at illustration design class on my 4th term

second print, i call it 'the presidential bullet'
because one day i came up with this idea where i put bullets in order
representing each one as our presidents
all the way from george washington to barak obama
image of bullets also match their period of time
from musket bullets to sniper bullets
and i put 4 bullets in red, which represents 4 presidents who got
assassinated during their presidency
i did not put any lettering, or description that could help people
notice the meaning of this print
and as i expected people had no idea what this print was about lol
but i liked that! because i liked to watch their expressions
after i tell them the story
i had lot of fun making this print :)

third print doesn't have any meaning like 2nd one
i was just drawing bunch of monster heads
and i ended of with around 16 monster head,
andy warhol and queen elizabeth
since it was so random, i had real fun placing them
o, it was 7 layer silkscreen and i tried make 25prints but i think
i ended up with around 20prints
it was pain in the ass to print this 7 layers
i really have no idea how professional printmakers do 100s layers of prints
just insane... ;O
well, this is it, i don't think i would ever print this anymore
i have some left over prints after open market
if interested in purchasing, please contact me with my email

◆open market 3weeks ago lol◆

wow, it's been forever since last time i post things about open market
well, so there was open market. it was great experience, i did sell some of my stuff yay~
i bought some other artists' works as well (i got awesome david jien's monkey print! :)
there was so many great artists came to sell stuff at open market.
the event was actually smaller than i expected, but by the end of the day,
i thought it was just about right :)
my camera died in the morning, so i didn't get to take lot of photos ;(
but i did get to take some including my works
i really do recommend artists to try out for the next open market
even you decide not to sell, it would be great to check out other artists' works
and know what's out there, what's selling and what's not