Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new york restaurant illustration

I've recently traveled to new york for about a week with my boyfriend. It was not my first time visiting new york, but it is very fresh and amazing every time i visit. The restaurant was in Soho; i was too excited to go shopping, we went there a little early. all the shops were still closed, so we end of at this restaurant by the main shopping street. The place was amazing. All the decoration, lights, interior were just amazing. The restaurant seem popular, there were lot of people although it was early in the morning. There were like.. six waiters being very busy taking orders and serving them. i found them very interesting, so when i came back from new york, i've decided to create a series of restaurant/cafe illustration. This is my first illustration for that series. i was going to shoot the progress, but i forgot about it after first picture. well, here it is